Sugar Cookie E Liquid

Why Are Sugar Cookie E Liquids So Popular?

cookies It is well known that many vapers have a condition known as “sweet tooth”. That leads to the production of many delicious desserts and bakery-based vaping juices.

The obsession with sugar cookie e-liquids could be based on the familiarity of the taste for most of us since a young age. So Sugar Cookies are a favourite for almost everyone as a biscuit-based blend of rich flavours.


The origins of the popular original sugar cookie come from the 1700s when German Protestant settlers in the Nazareth colony of Pennsylvania created keystone shaped bakes.

In modern times, a sugar cookie has sugar, flour, butter, eggs, vanilla, and either baking powder or baking soda as the main ingredients. Those produce the very special taste of cookies we are all so familiar with.

And that special familiar original taste is the central focus of all e-liquid manufacturers when trying to reproduce the flavour.

Drippin Junkies Sugar Cookie E-Liquid

For Drippin Junkies, the Sugar Cookie E-Liquid comes fresh out from the bakery. It is a true blend of sweet cookie dough, which is very hard to achieve in vaping juice. As the name suggests, the sweet cookie taste is consistent throughout this vape with a buttery biscuit and golden brown sugar complementing this vape liquids flavour notes even more.

The sweet cookie taste is consistently smooth and not overbearing. It is a flavoursome vaping liquid that you can use throughout the day.

The layers of taste create a depth of rich flavour that will captivate you.