As many of you may know smoking is the most preventable cause of death worldwide, accounting for over 8 million deaths worldwide every year and has been widely known to cause fatal diseases such as lung cancer, heart disease and COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) to name but a few.

As a direct result of this, smokers cost the NHS on average a whopping £2.5 billion annually which is an overwhelming burden on an already heavily weighed down organisation. Smoking cessation programs and initiatives were found to be a way to curtail and help smokers save their lives, yet more recently due to government funding cuts, stop smoking services are becoming less well equipped and ultimately less successful. That’s not to say that these services aren’t doing an incredible job in aiming to achieve the government’s nationwide smoke-free target of 2030.

According to the latest ONS (Office For National Statistics) figures, 14.7% of people ages 18 years and above in the UK smoke, though in some areas this is far higher. Kingston-upon-Hull has the highest smoking prevalence in the UK with 26.1% of the population stating that they are smokers.

Results from the latest ONS ‘Adult Smoking Habits In The UK’ report also found that 25.5% of those working in routine and manual occupations (e.g. labourers, bar staff, lorry drivers, receptionists and care workers) stated that they currently smoked.

With this is mind, we thought it would be wise to compile a list and shed some light on some of the most acclaimed stop smoking organisations across the UK.

Stop smoking services in the UK

Where can I get help? Find the right service to help you to quit smoking below…

NHS Smoke Free Online initiative which helps smokers with a tailored specialist quit plan through the help of advice, NRT (Nicotine Replacement Therapy) and support. 36% Online Yes
Stoptober Annual month long initiative to highlight smoking's destructive nature 20% Online Yes
Smoke Free Life Drop-in clinics, support packs, helplines, group sessions (n/a) Offline No
VApril Encouraging the use of e-cigarettes for smoking cessation through social media campaigns, industry events, talks etc. 51% Online & Offline No
ASH (Action On Smoking & Health) National campaigning on tobacco epidemic with informative reports and guidance to smokers without condemning. (n/a) Online No
Quit Charity initiative who rely on fundraising and campaigning to succeed. Use helplines and community programmes to help smokers stop and young people to never start smoking. (n/a) Online & Offline No
Allen Carr Acclaimed author and ex-smoker with a worldwide outreach of stop smoking seminars, lectures and one-to-one sessions. Also extends to other addictive substances such as alcohol and drugs. 22% Online & Offline No
Quit With Help Neat online campaign with animated story videos & facts regarding smoking and health. (n/a) Online No
Hypnotherapy Directory A directory of hypnotherapists skilled and experienced in dealing with stop smoking. 20% Offline No
NHS Smoke Free
Smoke Free Life
ASH (Action On Smoking & Health)
Allen Carr
Quit With Help