Taste The Myth With Bomba Juice

Drippin Junkies is proud to announce a series of new flavours to satisfy even the most demanding vapers. Inspired by mythical times, the new range has been a hit with our customers as we are running fast out of stock.

But what is so special about these new Bomba Juice Eliquids?



Inspired by the Kind of the Gods, this juice is nothing short of a culinary miracle. A creamy custard e liquid, with a sweet syrup glaze and the aftertaste of flaky pastry.

You can now try this new taste in a 10ml sample bottle or opt for the larger 100ml size. Zeus E Liquid is our updated and improved version of the Galatoboureko e liquid.

bomba juice zeus e-liquid


The Trident was the weapon of choice for the ancient God of the Sea. This E Liquid combines military-strength pineapple with berries and mango to create a very tasty tropical juice.

If you like flavoursome juice, this one should definitely be on your vape list.

trident e liquid - bomba juice


Hydra was a mythical beast in ancient Greece and its a real beast of a vaping juice. This e liquid combines berry mixed with menthol reminiscent of the famous Vimto drink. The combination creates a juicy flavour and a long-lasting menthol aftertaste. Available in both a 10ml tester and full size 100ml bottle.

Hydra Vimto E Liquid


The Karpouzi watermelon e liquid in a bigger bottle. Whilst it has a new name it still tastes of the favourite combination of watermelon and pear. One of the most liked among the range and highly rated from industry experts. Available in both 100ml and 10ml bottles. Release your Kraken!


The Medusa E Liquid might be named after a snake-headed beast and sound mystical but in reality, it is simply a delicious e-liquid. It combines grapes and apple to produce a tasty mix that will leave you wanting more.

Try a sample or buy the 100ml bottle.

medusa e-liquid