Nicotine Instructions

What is a shortfill? 

Shortfills are essentially E Liquids larger than 10ml but do not contain any nicotine. Restrictions by government and the European Union imposed a limit of a maximum size of 10ml where the E Liquid contained nicotine. As such Shortfills were invented to ensure vapers could purchase 0mg vape juice larger than 10ml to add their own nicotine and not be by limited to size of bottle.

All Drippin Junkies E Liquids are supplied as a 50ml 0mg bottle and are nicotine shot ready. It’s pretty simple, we supply you with 10ml Nicotine shots that once added will make your bottle 60ml with your requested Nicotine.

How to use nicotine shots

Depending on the strength you require we will send you the number of nicotine shots to add to your shortfill bottle. We provide you with no nicotine big bottles and small 10ml 18mg nicotine bottles.  For users who want a 3mg e liquid, we provide you with 1 nicotine shot and for those that require 6mg you will receive 2 nicotine shots. All you have to do is add the contents from the small bottles into the big bottles and give a good shake!!!

Shaking the bottle once you have added the nicotine is extremely important to ensure saturation of the nicotine with the rest of the e liquid. If you do not shake the bottle the nicotine will not be effectively distributed. Once shaken add the newly nicotined big bottle into your device and enjoy some delicious vape clouds.